After purchasing a 3D printer, the first thing many people ask is, “Now what?” Sure, it’s a great hobby, but shouldn’t you expect some kind of return on your investment? After you’ve learned how 3D printing works and you’ve developed some mastery of your machine, what’s next?

Great satisfaction can be found in utilizing everyday needs as a source of creative inspiration.  When you reach the point that you see every-day challenges as opportunities, you’re ready to delve into the world of 3D printed gadgets.

Gadgets are items — typically mechanical in nature — intended to meet a need or solve an issue. They can be as simple as a single all-in-one piece or a more complex design requiring some post-print assembly. Either way, they are meant to provide solutions to life’s little challenges.

Ready to answer the call but unsure where to begin? Try the following list: 10 sure-fire gadgets, tested and proven to be printable, practical, and generally awesome.

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