Nvidia is set to kick off its Gamescom 2018 press conference any moment now, where it is expected to unveil its next generation of graphics cards, including the GeForce RTX 2080.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, there have been a number of rumors suggesting that we will also see an even more powerful GeForce RTX 2080 Ti at the event as well.

The event itself will be held in Cologne, Germany, just before Gamescom 2018 properly starts. It all kicks off at 18:00 CEST (12:00 EDT/09:00 PST/17:00 BST/02:00 Tuesday August 21 AEST).

We’ll be right there reporting live from the event, and we’ll keep this blog updated with the latest breaking news from Nvidia’s conference. If you want to watch the conference live, head over to our guide on how to watch Nvidia’s Gamescom 2018 press conference.

Nvidia Gamescom 2018 press conference live blog

All times in Central European Summer Time (CEST)

18:26 – Huang called it the GTX 1180, but the crowd – who expected it to be called the RTX 2080 – laughed as if it was a joke. Was it?

18:25 – Despite the leaks, Huang promises everything you’ve read on the internet so far has been FAKE! Exciting! Maybe we will be surprised.

18:24 Nvidia CEO and founder Jensen Huang has taken to the stage! And started with a joke… I think… about the GTX 1180 launch.

18:23 – Games do look blummin’ amazing these days.

18:23 –  Now on to the progression of gaming graphics. We have come a long way. Bigs up the history of GeForce graphics cards, of course.

18:22 – It’s begun! Starting with a video looking back at the advancements of ray tracing and computer generated images.

18:18 – Ooh people are being told to sit, it could be beginning soon!

18:16 – More shots of the crowd. The music is wonderful. Really love the music. More music please (not all of this is serious).

18:12 – The livestream is getting a bit weird. Talking about Nvidia marionettes made out of humans or something. Also the presenters keep insisting they are ‘excited’. I believed them the first time, but it’s getting less convincing…

18:09 – Still waiting for the show to start. Seems to be a bit of a delay. During this time Nvidia is hyping up this ‘celebration’ HARD on the livestream. Hopefully it won’t disappoint…

18:05 – We’ve got our seat and a wonderful view of what looks like Matrix vomit. Or ray tracing stuff. Something like that.

18:02 – The hall is filling up and we have some lovely totally not annoying music to accompany people searching for their seats. Don’t forget you can watch the live stream here, but at the moment it’s just showing some awkward interviews.

17:53 – Good news! We’re in… where we’re queuing some more. Won’t be too long until we see what Nvidia has in store for us, though…

16:57 – Just seen this on Twitter. Painfully accurate! Will you be ditching your perfectly capable GTX 1080 Ti for whatever Nvidia show us today? Let us know on Twitter.

16:17 – The queue to get in is getting longer.

16:05 – We are now at the event, which is at the Palladium conference center on the outskirts of Cologne. Not long to go until it starts!

13:00 – Cologne was looking stunning this morning as we took a stroll waiting for Nvidia’s event to start. We should get to the venue by about 16:00 local time.

12:05 – Nvidia has been steadily building the hype for this event (see the tweet above), so we’re expecting some seriously exciting announcements in just under six hours!

We’ll be heading to the venue soon, where we’re sure hype levels for the Nvidia’s upcoming reveals will reach fever pitch.

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