More and more people are ditching their credit cards and cash to pay for things.

"I remember some of the first commercials on TV, where you could actually go to a pop machine and actually put your phone against it and actually get a can of pop,” says John Motazedi, SNC Squared CEO.

Apps like Apple Pay, Venmo, and Cash App are becoming more common when paying for things like groceries or sending others money.

"I've been on the app for like four months now,” says Tyler Jones, Cash App user.

"A lot of my friends had it, so I was like ‘oh hey I should get it too,’" says Kesley Lyons.

For some users, apps can make life easier.

"It's really nice for like whenever you are going out in public and stuff and if you like, I use it to transfer money from my account onto the card and then I use that card, so I don't have to worry about losing my debit card because I lose my debit card a lot,” says Lyons.

"I started just because I was like ‘hey it's something new’ and then two months ago I actually started a photography page on Instagram, so I've been using that quite a bit to just like for transactions between myself and clients,” says Tyler Jones.

IT expert John Motazedi says a lot of thought and effort went in to making these apps safe.

"Whether it was via user ID and a password, you have to have an app, you have to be able to log into your phone, and then use what they call multi-factor authentication, whether it's your finger, a text message you have to confirm, etc. etc,” says Motazedi.

And even if your phone gets lost or stolen, your credit card cannot be accessed by the public.

"Your actual credit card is never on your phone. It's never in the app. They actually use the credit card and create some keys and then the key is actually authenticated against the device and the actual credit card information sits at Apple or Google or wherever the site might be,” says Motazedi.

The app might be easy to use, but Motazedi says pay attention when sending money to others.

"Sometimes there's a fee up to three percent depending on if it's directly from a credit card transfer you know to your facility,” says Motazedi.

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