Nvidia is planning a special GeForce event with “spectacular surprises” on August 20, the day before Gamescom 2018 kicks off. It is widely expected Nvidia will unveil its next generation of graphics cards for gamers during the event, and if the company’s latest teaser video is any indication, it will be launching a GeForce RTX 2080.

That is not a typo, folks. Nvidia yesterday formally introduced its next generation Turing GPU architecture at SIGGRAPH, a conference for graphics professionals. It also rolled out a series of Quadro RTX cards based on the new architecture, with the RTX branding intended to signify the new cards’ ray-tracing capabilities.

All indications are that ray-tracing will figure prominently in Nvidia’s upcoming consumer launch as well. In addition to the numerous leaks and rumors suggesting as much, Nvidia’s teaser video provides as close to a confirmation as we are going to get ahead of the official launch. Here’s a look at the video:

Now let’s look at the evidence.

1) The video was posted to YouTube by “Nvidia GeForce” with the hashtag “BeForTheGame,” and points to Nvidia’s scheduled event on August 20. So obviously the video is teasing a gaming card. This can also be seen around the 10-second mark as well, where a shot of a product box reads, “Inspired by Gamers. Built by Nvidia.”

2) Following a sequence of several gaming PCs, the camera zooms in on a text messaging conversation on a smartphone at the 40-second market. A user named RoyTeX posts an emoji of a flexed arm. RoyTeX is a not-so-subtle hint at the RTX branding.

3) At the 44-second mark, there is another conversation that comes into view, this time between Not_11 and RoyTeX. It ends with Not_11 saying, “eating, gimme 20.” If reading between the lines, it appears Nvidia is confirming that it will not be using the 1180 branding. Now the clincher…

4) A second later, there is yet another conversation shown, this time between Mac_20 and Eight Tee. After having seemingly just ruled out the 1180 branding, Nvidia teases 2080.

Put it all together and you have a GeForce RTX 2080 card set to be announced on August 20, unless the teaser video is just a big fake out. That seems unlikely though. Related leaks are all over the place, and now that we are less than a week away from the big reveal, Nvidia appears to be in full-on hype mode.

Now that we (probably) know the name of the new card, the question is, how much faster will it be than Pascal, and specifically the GeForce GTX 1080 and GeForce GTX 1080 Ti cards? We will have to wait and see. Our hunch is that the GeForce RTX 2080 will look a lot like the Quadro RTX 6000, but with maybe half the VRAM and maybe a few SMs disabled. Regardless, it looks like Nvidia will be heavily promoting ray-tracing with this next round of cards.

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