The Samsung Note Edge was praised for its innovative design.
The Samsung Note Edge was praised for its innovative design.

According to a report published online, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 series will feature devices with the names “Galaxy S10 Plus,” “Galaxy S10 Lite,” and somewhat surprisingly, “Galaxy S10 Edge.” The same report lists the flagship smartphones as having preinstalled transparent screen protectors. The post does not mention the expected 5G variant of the S10 line-up, though.

by Daniel R Deakin, 2018/12/21

MobileFun has apparently received information in regard to Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series. Firstly, the devices are given specific names, including “Galaxy S10 Edge.” It’s likely if this moniker is eventually utilized in the final releases that the name has been chosen to add an additional layer of individuality to the smartphone. Consumers could then request a “Lite,” “Plus,” or “Edge” model rather than just asking for a generic “S10.”

Samsung has utilized the “Edge” name in several of its products, including the Galaxy Note Edge, the S6 Edge, the S6 Edge+, and the S7 Edge; the name was originally used to highlight the presence of a curved-edge screen. The other noteworthy point to be found in the MobileFun report is the mention of preinstalled transparent screen protectors. The Samsung flagships are going to be expensive devices, so adding that extra bit of protection will be seen as a positive move by many potential buyers.

The product listing is mainly focused on the cases that are supposedly going to be made available for each of the SKUs. Owners of the devices will be able to get their hands on LED covers, leather covers, clear covers, and silicone covers, which come in a wide range of colors that includes yellow, green, and berry pink.

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